This wiki uses Mediawiki, the same wiki system as the Wikipedia project. You can use their help pages to introduce you to the Mediawiki wikicode syntax.


[edit] Frequently-used syntax

Description You type You get
Formatted code {{c|v.push_back("foo");}} v.push_back("foo");
Fixed-width text {{tt|const_iterator}} const_iterator
Bold text '''bold''' bold
Italic text ''italic'' italic
Automatic link to wiki page {{c|std::sort}} std::sort
Manual link to wiki page [[cpp/algorithm/sort|the {{tt|sort}} algorithm]] the sort algorithm
Link to member function {{lc|push_back}} on a std::vector subpage push_back()

[edit] Templates

Most of the content in this wiki is wrapped in fairly complex templates (e.g. the {{c|...}} and {{tt|...}} templates above). These templates do most of the formatting and help to aggregate the repetitive stuff in one place, so when something is to be modified, there is no need to make the same modification tens or hundreds of times. For help about the templates used in this wiki, see Help:Templates.

[edit] Style

The wiki aims to have consistent style. Please see Help:Manual of style for a style guide that helps to follow consistent style and formatting in the wiki.

Note that you don't need to master the complex templates or abovementioned guidelines in order to contribute. Adding new content is much harder than applying formatting, so feel free to add content even if you're unsure about the formatting -- someone can fix that later.

Some high-traffic templates are locked in order to prevent vandalism or because of performance reasons. In these cases you should request a modification in the discussion page.

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